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At Blacko Primary School, we believe that Geography should inspire pupils to be curious about the world, its processes and its people and recognise their place in the world and their role in its future. As a result, they should be able to engage with current issues surrounding changes to the world they inhabit.  

In Year 1 children build on the EYFS understanding of the world finding out about people, places and the world around us. The children learn about their immediate locality so they learn about places around our school and grounds. They learn about familiar features such as houses, farms and shops building on their everyday experiences 

Our spiral curriculum explicitly builds upon children’s prior learning in the way that it is structured. Children revisit and build upon locational and place knowledge, fieldwork skills and human and physical geography in each year. Each year is structured with a focus on local geography in the autumn term, national geography in the spring term and global geography in the summer term.  

Throughout each year all children are encouraged to investigate both patterns and places and communicate geographically in all geography lessons. These staple concepts, which are covered each year, enables children to reinforce and build upon prior learning, make connections and develop subject specific language. 

Outcomes for each year group, including for subject-specific vocabulary, have been clearly identified and mapped out in a progression document. This enables teachers to understand what geographical knowledge children have already attained and what their next steps will be. 


   Geography Curriculum Overview



   Geography Key Concept Progression Map