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    Blacko Primary School


    Are you considering Blacko Primary School for your child?

    Parents/Carers are welcome to visit the school prior to applying for a place. We hold regular open days throughout the Autumn term. If you would like a tour of the school, please telephone the school office on either, 01282 616669 or to book on to one of the tours.

    Applications for Blacko Primary School should be made through Lancashire County Council Admissions department.  Information Booklets, with applications included, are available by visiting Lancashire County Council's dedicated admissions area by clicking this link.

    Reception Class Admissions

    The arrangements for the admission of pupils to primary schools in September 2024 will, as far as possible, conform to the following timetable.  As per the school's admissions policy, the school has a Published Admission Number (PAN) of 15 per year group. 


    Admissions Timeline:

    1 September 2023 - Apply from this date

    School places are not allocated on a first come, first served basis. All applications received up to the closing date are given equal priority, but if you miss the deadline, a late application may reduce your chance of getting your preference of school.

    15 January 2024 - National closing date for primary applications (statutory).

    During this period all applications are processed and all preferences are considered against the published admissions policy. Where there are more applications than places available, decisions are made as to which children should be offered the available places. We will liaise and exchange information with all other admission authorities including neighbouring local authorities. The allocation and offer of a primary school place is finalised.

    16 April 2024 - Offers issued to parents

    (The national offer date is 16 April, if this date falls on a weekend or a bank holiday, offers are sent the next working day.)

    Friday 28 April 2024 - Deadline for requesting:

    Week commencing 1 May 2024 - Distribute appeal forms to parents

    Friday 12 May 2024 - Appeal deadline for community and voluntary controlled schools.

    1st round of hearings.

    For voluntary aided, foundation, free and academy schools, please check with the school directly for their deadline date.

    By Friday 7 July 2024
    Appeals for community and voluntary controlled schools submitted by the deadline heard by an independent appeal panel.

    Appeal decision letters are sent within 5 school days of the hearing, where possible.

    For our Equalities Policy and Objectives, please follow this link: Equalities at Blacko


    In Year Admissions

    Should you wish to apply for an in-year application, please complete the electronic form below.  Please note the school has 15 school days to respond to your enquiry.