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    Hello from Mrs richards

    Welcome to Blacko Primary

    Blacko School is a Community Primary School which offers primary education to children aged 5 – 11. Our building is over 100 years old and is a traditional village school. Children of 5 years of age gain a great deal from close contact with older children and our small staff are committed to the development of a happy thriving school.

    Blacko School has always placed the individual child at the heart of its teaching and learning. We aim to cater for the needs of all our children. 

    Your child begins learning with his or her family. The school comes in later and builds on these foundations, but the family continues to be just as important as before. We want to build a relationship with you which will help your child do as well as he or she can possibly do. We urge you to become closely involved with all stages of your child’s education.

    The best way to get to know our school is to arrange a visit and we'll answer any questions that you may have. 

    Kate Richards



    Latest Tweets

      31 Mar 2023

      We hope you enjoy our final newsletter of the Spring Term. Wishing you all a Happy Easter @ThePennineTrust

      31 Mar 2023

      Part 2 of When I Grow Up by the School choir. Well done to Mrs Wilkinson and all the children @ThePennineTrust

      31 Mar 2023

      What a special assembly it was this morning. Not only did we have our Gold Awards, the choir gave an incredible performance of When I Grow Up from Matilda the Musical. We are so proud of what they've achieved in a few short weeks Pt2 to follow @ThePennineTrust

      30 Mar 2023

      Class 3 getting practical this afternoon, designing and constructing packaging suitable for holding sweets. Some impressive designs on show, including a range of shapes! @ThePennineTrust

      30 Mar 2023

      Hartley class have been reading 'We're going on and Egg Hunt', the children were amazed to find some mysterious clues in our playground this morning. We followed the clues to find a huge basket of delicious chocolate eggs. @ThePennineTrust #EYFS

      30 Mar 2023

      Making life easier... or adding to our unease?  Digital devices have changed the way we live – but the new forms of stress they can bring are an #OnlineSafety risk. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide has tips for reducing 'always on' anxiety  Download >>

      30 Mar 2023

      Going to school never tasted so good! #Thankyou to everyone who contributed to our Easter celebrations last week. Class 4 took the decorate an egg competition to a new level this year - Egg Sheeran has been serenading us all week @edsheeran. An amazing likeness @ThePennineTrust

      30 Mar 2023

      #throwback to last Friday when the whole school took part in 20 minutes of bunny hopping to raise money for @PendlesideHosp A few photos of Class 4 who kept going despite losing their bunny ears to the wind & rain! @ThePennineTrust

      30 Mar 2023

      The Y5 girls had a wonderful time at @pendlesgo's netball skills event yesterday. Their first experience of friendly matches were great fun Thank you to @WheatleyLaneSch for the loan of 2 players #becollaborative @ThePennineTrust

      30 Mar 2023

      We're almost at the end of our Science unit on Earth & Space in Class 4. We enjoyed making a model of the Earth, the sun and the moon yesterday, but I wonder if the children can remember why we did it? What did we learn from it? @ThePennineTrust

      29 Mar 2023

      Class 1 have been exploring height. We began by comparing the height of objects, we were super at using our new language 'taller' and 'shorter'. We used our new knowledge to order items by height. We were then able to check our estimations by using tape measures. @ThePennineTrust

      29 Mar 2023

      Further development of Class 3's art skills, as we explore how different artistic techniques (such as blending, dabbing and hatching) have been applied to works of Impressionist artwork @ThePennineTrust

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