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    Blacko Primary School

    Development of Character

    School Ambassadors

    At Blacko Primary School, we want our pupils to play an active and positive role in all aspects of school life.   We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to lead an initiative or hold a position of responsibility that impacts the school as a whole, so we offer a wide range of leadership roles throughout the school from Key Stage 1, right the way through to upper Key Stage 2.  For year 6 children this is part of their personal development and preparation for secondary school.

    The following areas provide opportunities for leadership or responsibility:


    Number of Pupils

    Year Group(s)

    Charity/Theme Day

    Head Boy / Girl


    Yr 6

    Support in all

    School Prefects


    Yr 6

    Children In Need

    School Council


    Yrs R to 6

    Comic Relief / Red Nose Day

    Friendship Buddies


    Yrs R and 5

    Yrs 1 and 6

    Macmillan Coffee Morning

    Reading Ambassadors


    Yrs 3, 4, 5 and 6

    Roald Dahl Day and World Book Day

    Sports Leaders


    Yrs 3, 4, 5 and 6

    Sports Relief

    Eco Warriors


    Yrs R to 6

    World Environment Day

    Our School Ambassadors play an important role - they provide a meaningful way for pupils to voice their thoughts and opinions about our school. It means they can have their views listened to and be involved in important decisions which impact upon them. This in turn builds their character.  The School Ambassadors meet on a regular basis to discuss pupil suggestions, our curriculum and organise key events. 

    Through providing our pupils with various 'Roles and Responsibilities' across school, we develop our pupils to be responsible, respectful and active citizens who are able to play their part and become actively involved in public life as adults. 

    School Council

    Our School Council is made up of 1 member from each class from Yr 1 to Year 6.  This ensures that children are represented across the school community and have an opportunity to air their views. School Council members are elected by their class each year after discussions about qualities and characteristics that they feel would make a good School Councillor.  Every year, the School Council are actively involved in a range of events and school-based initiatives, and they lead on publicising and running each event. 

    Rights Respecting Schools Award

    In September 2022, Blacko began the journey to becoming a UNICEF Rights Respecting School.  This means that we are embedding the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child within all that we do, from our curriculum content to our corridor displays.   

    Our first aim was to achieve Bronze Award: Rights Committed.  In order to reach this milestone, we had to inform and involve the whole school community, including staff, governors and parents, so that everyone was aware of the rights of the child and the commitment we were making as a school.  

    As well as this, we set up an Eco Warriors pupil group. Their job was to push out an audit to measure our starting point, evaluate the outcomes of this audit, and use this to create a clear and detailed Action Plan.  We also needed to begin to inform the children of Blacko of their rights according to the UN Convention, their role as Rights Holders, and the need for them to respect the rights of others. 

    Back in March 2023, we were judged to have met all of the criteria to meet the standard for Rights Committed, and we were awarded our Bronze Award