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    Blacko Primary School

    Sickness and Absence


    If a child is unwell, parents must phone school on 01282 616669 before the end of registration (9:30am). If a child becomes ill at school, we will inform the parents as soon as possible. Children with certain contagious illnesses are not allowed to attend school. Please phone and check if necessary.



    Children should not be taken out of school for any other reason. Routine dental and medical appointments should be made outside the school day. Holidays are not authorised and are not permitted during term time.

    We will always contact parents to offer ways to support them if their child's attendance drops below expected levels.


    Holidays during Term Time

    The school does not authorise holiday's taken during term time.

    Requests for authorised absences must be made to Mrs Kate Richards using the Absence request form

    If you choose to take an unauthorised leave of absence the case will be transferred to Lancashire County Council to process a penalty fine.


    Administration of medicines

    If your child needs any medication whilst at school, please come to the main school office to complete and sign the medicine form. For further information please read our Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions policy on our Policies page.