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    Hello from Mrs richards

    Welcome to Blacko Primary

    Blacko Primary School is a good school with an excellent local reputation. We are set in a rural position in East Lancashire. From all directions, we have views of rolling countryside, with Pendle Hill in the distance. The village of Blacko is well known throughout Lancashire because of Blacko Tower. It was built at around the same time as the school and is a focal point for miles around.

    Our building is over 100 years old and is a traditional village school. Children of 5 years of age gain a great deal from close contact with older children and our small staff are committed to the development of a happy, thriving school.

    There are 104 pupils on roll and we are pleased to be continually oversubscribed. 

    Our ethos is to develop young people with creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others.  We are proud of our dedicated and committed staff who strive to create confident and well-educated children with our core values; Be Ambitious, Be Collaborative, Be Respectful, at their centre. Nurtured in an environment where they will have the opportunity to create lasting memories, giving them the confidence to reach their full potential, from tiny seeds, mighty trees will grow.

    Our website has been designed to provide visitors with a wealth of information. However, a visit in person is the best way of getting a real and truer sense of our outstanding school. We welcome you to talk with our staff and pupils and find out just how outstanding we are. 

    Kate Richards



    Latest Tweets

      20 Sep 2023

      Hartley Class have loved this weeks drawing club story ‘We’re going on a bear’. Miss Yates decided to take over story time today... @canigoandplay @ThePennineTrust

      20 Sep 2023

      Snap, Crackle, Pop (Art) in Class 4! @ThePennineTrust

      20 Sep 2023

      Hartley class noticed that the weather was extremely windy this morning. We decided to create our own kites, we then added some secret symbols to our kites to help them to fly. @ThePennineTrust @canigoandplay

      20 Sep 2023

      The deadline is getting closer…@ThePennineTrust

      19 Sep 2023

      Some final pictures from our amazing trip to Quarry Bank Mill. We’ve all had such an amazing day and had great experiences learning about what life was like for children here during the Industrial Revolution.

      19 Sep 2023

      Class 2 have begun their artist exploration page on Picasso and his self portraits. We have explored pattern, shading and a variety of his self portraits over the years. We spoke about how the different portraits made us feel and what we liked about them. @ThePennineTrust

      19 Sep 2023

      Now we’re learning what it was like working in the mills, we’ve realised what a dangerous place it was to work. Children worked bare foot and had to crawl under the looms to tidy up the loose cotton. Girls also got paid half as much as boys for doing the same job!! @QuarryBankNT

      19 Sep 2023

      Class 1 began their @WhiteRoseEd matching and sorting unit. We have loved playing matching games using our Autumn cards. The children even created a ‘match’ table. We have also been busy in the building area creating towers which are the same and different. @ThePennineTrust

      19 Sep 2023

      Now it’s time to learn all about the varying working roles in the mill, it’s fascinating to learn how little they were paid for doing so much work. We’ve all decided we’d rather be the mill manager than the mill workers! @QuarryBankNT

      19 Sep 2023

      We’ve had a great morning so far, Class 3 have had a tour of Quarry Bank Mill and are now learning what life would be like living in the apprentice house… a handful of porridge for breakfast and lunch, bread and milk for tea and 13 hour working days!! @QuarryBankNT

      19 Sep 2023

      In Class 4, we are really excited about our new unit on Bridges in DT! @ThePennineTrust

      18 Sep 2023

      In class 2 today we stepped through our magic mirrors and into role as Major Glad and Major Dizzy (hence the hats) the children used their Oracy skills to develop their ideas for writing what the toy soldiers would say to one another superstars @ThePennineTrust

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